From Corn Fields to Cowboy Boots

Skyline of my hometown.

Skyline of my hometown.

My name is Grant Philip Bufton Rosen and I am a junior here at Trinity. Born and raised in America’s Heartland, Kansas City, I came to Texas to get away from home and experience life in a new state. While Trinity may be a long ways away from Kansas City, I am actually the third member of my family to come down here for school. My brother, Geoff, graduated from Trinity in 2008 with a degree in finance, and my sister graduated in 2012 with her masters in elementary education.

How did we all decide on Trinity? In Kansas City, we all attended a small private school called Pembroke Hill. By small, I mean less than one hundred people were in my graduating class. When my brother was looking at schools, he tried to find something similar to Pembroke, i.e. a small school in a big city. After months of research and visits to schools across the U.S., he narrowed it down to Trinity and Tufts University in Boston. He was waitlisted at Tufts, so the clear-cut answer was Trinity. My sister chose to go to Trinity because she was looking for something familiar. Since my brother was still at Trinity during her freshman year, he was there to guide her and help her settle in. I, on the other hand, never thought that I would end up at Trinity. Being the baby of the family, I always wanted to do something different and not follow my siblings’ lead. I applied and got into a wide range of schools, from tiny Beloit College in southern Wisconsin to the University of Miami in Florida. But of course my family made me apply to Trinity as well. After my visits, I got it down to Trinity and the University of Richmond. I loved Richmond and thought it was the perfect school for me, but there was one problem. Richmond was not willing to offer me any scholarship and when it came down to cost, Richmond was twice as expensive as Trinity. I decided to make the rational decision and chose Trinity. However, I vowed to make my experience entirely different from the other two.

The reason why I am taking this class, to be entirely honest, is for Common Curriculum. As an Economics and Business double major, I am not the most creative/artistic person and this class sounded much more appealing than introduction to clay sculpting or anything else in the Art Department. Additionally, my girlfriend was a Communication major at Trinity. She highly recommended the class and I did not want to get in hot water by not listening to her advice.

An interesting fact about myself that most people do not know is that I am an avid aquarium enthusiast. At my home in Kansas City, I have four fish tanks: three saltwater and one freshwater. Second semester of my freshman year and first semester of last year, I tried to maintain one of my saltwater tanks in my room. I had colorful fish and coral at the start. However, the rooms at Trinity were not conducive for having a saltwater tank. The ceiling fans blew dust around that contaminated the water and it was hard to make sure that my tank got the right amount of sunlight. While I may have given up on trying to have a tank in college, I plan to continue having my tanks at home and purchase several tanks once I graduate and move into a home of my own.

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