“Carry On My Wayward Son”

My name is Ben Kerley and I am a junior economics major; I am also a member of the men’s soccer team at Trinity. And yes, the title is a song from the great 70’s progressive rock band Kansas, but it’s also the name of the state I call home. While you may immediately assimilate Kansas with farmland and Dorothy (I know I’m not in Kansas anymore), I happen to be from the great metropolis of Kansas City, where the barbecue is incredible and the professional sports teams are not. As a fan of teams who perpetually lose, I have endured much heartbreak. In my lifetime, The Kansas City Royals have completed ONE year with a winning record, which amounts to two decades of my life being spent supporting a losing team. Thus, I am a junior student-athlete and a proud loser from Kansas.

Personally, I am the second youngest of five kids. I have three brothers (one younger, two older) and an older sister. My oldest siblings, Daniel and Rachel, live in San Francisco while my brother Joe remained in the great state of Kansas to attend medical school and marry my sister-in-law Emily. Joe and Emily’s wedding was the highlight of this summer despite my little brother Luke catching the garter and sporting it as a headband, running around the dance floor like a mad man (major party foul). As for me, this summer I interned in the loan department of a bank and spent much of my time working and watching a Kansas City sports team win for the first time in my adult life – as of right now, the Royals have a winning record with less than a month left in the season.

This picture was taken moments after my brother had placed the garter on his head

At Joe and Emily’s wedding, shortly after Luke had placed the garter on his head. I look on in disapproval.

To be brutally honest, I decided to enroll in this course to fulfill my visual art requirement for Trinity’s common curriculum. While the common curriculum is Trinity’s ploy for the “viva liberal arts” movement (I have no idea if that’s a movement, I just made it up), I am excited to take this course. Most of us come in contact with different forms of media on an hourly basis and if you’re anything like me, you don’t really take the time to interpret advertisements, television shows, and other streams of media through a lens of interpretive analysis and criticism. Thus, I am excited to further my development of critical thinking skills. However, I am most excited about learning the various conspiracy theories we plan to cover this semester, which will almost certainly validate my belief that people love all things taboo regardless of their believability.

Finally, this paragraph is crafted to answer Dr. Delwiche’s question: “What is something most people don’t know about you?” I am curious as to why people ask this question and ask it rather frequently. If I am constantly telling someone something they don’t know about me then I will run out of personal things to tell someone about and I will almost certainly bore them, which would probably result in the fateful death of our theoretical friendship. Thus, one thing most people don’t know about me is the fact that most people will never know what that “one thing” is… or if it’s two things rather than one…or a multitude of things…or a thousand things! I digress.

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