Communications, Music, and Golf. Oh My!

Hello. My name is Zachary Galvin.  I am just starting my Sophomore year here at Trinity.  I ended up in this class because I have been interested in communications for awhile, and my friends who took the class last semester enjoyed it and recommended it to me.  After the last class period we had, I found out that the class is helping me fulfill a common curriculum requirement.

There are many things you may not know about me.  I mostly play music, as I was in marching band, concert band, and jazz band throughout middle school and high school, but I also played varsity golf in high school.  I have been playing golf since I learned how to walk; my dad got me a few plastic golf clubs and I have been hooked ever since.  My whole family plays golf, which is great because no one ever gets left out.  My dad, little brother, and I all currently are employed by golf courses, even though I do not work there during school.  My brother and I work at Saratoga Country Club, and my dad works at Pebble Beach Golf Links.


Here I am hitting a tee shot at high school golf practice.

This definitely works out well for us, as these two courses are where we play golf the most.  Because we are a golf focused family, golf always seems to be what we watch on TV. No matter what else is on television at that time, when there is a PGA Tour golf tournament on (which is usually every Thursday through Sunday, year round), it is probably what is being watched in my house.

You remember me mentioning that I am also a musician and then skipping past that information to talk about golf?  Well, you remember correctly.  I skipped ahead to the golf because golf is my favorite extracurricular activity, however music is up there in the top five.  In my family, me being a musician is the closest thing my family has to one of us being the “black sheep” in the family.  For a while my dad played guitar, and that is how I first started playing music in the fourth grade.  My actual dreams of becoming a musician first came when I was in kindergarten.  I would go with one of my friends to watch his siblings in the Saratoga High School marching band.  We always watched the drum line and both dreamed of playing drums when we were older.  Fast forward back to fourth grade.  Both of us started playing percussion.  We played drums on our own until we could play in the middle school band, and then went on to play percussion in high school and college.

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