“Don’t act like you’re not impressed”


My best friend and I thriving in our natural habitat: the beach

Hi classmates! My name is Megan Buford and I’m one of the three girls who awkwardly sits in the back of the class. I’m a senior but I feel like I’m perpetually stuck in sophomore year. I guess sophomore year was a really good year for me. Also, I’m completely in denial that this is my last year as an undergrad at Trinity. Maybe if I keep thinking that I’m not a senior, I won’t have to graduate in May.

I grew up in Orlando, Florida with Mickey Mouse, Shamu and all those other theme parks. To me, however, the greatest attraction in Florida is the beach. I could spend all day soaking up the sun and the ocean, and that’s where I usually am during the summer. I came to Trinity to study biology and play soccer but I stopped playing after my freshman year; now, I’m a Sigma and an accounting major. I remember older folks telling me that by the end of my time at college, I would change myself and my major many times over and I was too stubborn to listen… go figure. I wouldn’t change who I am or how I got here for anything though. It’s been a helluva ride and an experience for a lifetime.

I ended up in this class because it fulfills one of the last common currics I need in order to graduate on time. I didn’t know too much about this class besides the name and what I read on Rate My Professor… haha. Really though, this class sounded like it could be enjoyable and intriguing without being too much for me workload-wise (I’m taking 18 credits this semester and working about 30 hours a week, so time is pretty valuable for me).

There’s a lot most people don’t know about me. For instance, I have a tattoo. I won’t tell you where but it is usually visible! I work at a Crossfit gym but I secretly dislike Crossfit. They’re trying to get me to take classes again so maybe I’ll start drinking the KoolAid again some day. I’m half Cuban; my mom and her family emigrated from Cuba when she was about seven. I got a lot of my looks from my dad, who might be the whitest guy I know.

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