If You’re Hapi and You Know It

Hi! My name’s Teka Nicholas. My middle name is Hapi. My parents used to be hippies but now they’ve more or less adjusted to life as daily commuters with 2.5 children and a house in the suburbs. I’m a short girl with big hair from the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada, however I’ve lived in Houston now for about 11 years. Along with my parents, and myself on occasion, my Houston house is inhabited by my dog, Gurgi (he’s the .5) and my sister, who just started her Sophomore year at UT Austin. I like polka dots and the colour gold. I am the proud owner of eight gnomes, I have synesthesia, and I love tiny baked goods.

On campus, I’m a member of TUPs, Trinity’s theatre organization, as well as Zeta Chi. Outside of Trinity, I’m an English tutor for The Learning Lab and I just finished working tech on a production with AtticRep, Trinity’s theatre in residency, and The Aesthetic of Waste, a performance group mostly comprised of recent Trinity graduates.

My latest masterpiece. He looks a bit surprised.

My latest masterpiece. He looks a bit surprised.

As far as ending up in this class goes, at the end of spring semester last year, I decided to change my major from Art History to Communication. After convincing my parents that this was the best possible idea and after reading through the major requirements, I found myself in Media Interpretation and Criticism.

Did you know that I like taping eyes to inanimate objects? Trees, fire hydrants, doors and, most recently, my desk lamp. Now you know and now I guess we’re best friends…

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