My second home in the South

My name is Marco, and at this point I like to mention that I can tell right away if we’re going to be friends. If after hearing my name you replied “nice to meet you” and afterwards introduced yourself, we’ll get along just fine. If your first reaction was to shout out “Polo!, I’m sorry to inform you there is a very narrow chance we will become friends. Ever. Jokes aside, I’m a sophomore at Trinity. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but moved to São Paulo, Brazil when I was less than one year old. I grew up in São Paulo, but when I turned ten I moved to Porto Alegre, and nowadays that’s where I say I’m from. I graduated high school in late 2010 and started college in Brazil, during the first semester of 2011. On the second semester of that same year I received an offer to attend The Mercersburg Academy, a boarding school in central Pennsylvania. I interrupted my studies back home and moved to the U.S., where I graduated high school for the second time after a Post-Grad year at Mercersburg.

When people ask me how in the world did I end up at Trinity, I can’t really come up with a well formulated answer. However, one thing is certain, if it wasn’t for soccer I probably would never have even heard of Trinity, and most definitely would not be going to school here. I scheduled a visit with Paul Mcginlay, Trinity’s Men’s Soccer head coach, and after touring campus I decided this was the school I wanted to attend to. Even though I’m not majoring in any of the sciences, seeing the new science building under construction convinced me that Trinity visibly invested it’s endowment in maintaining and reformulating its structure and so I knew my tuition would not be going to waste.

I came to San Antonio with the intent of getting my bachelors’ degree on journalism, but after my first year I decided to double major in International Business and Communications. That being said, I’m taking Media Interpretation both for my common curriculum and my major. Although I’m not involved in many extracurricular activities around campus, soccer season consumes a great share of my time. I’m not one to complain too much about my workload. I have a little bit of that mentality that if you have too much free time, than you’re probably not trying hard enough.

TurkeyApparently I’m not the only one here to express his feeling for pets, so I just wanted to say that I have an American Bulldog, and it’s really unfortunate that I could not bring him to Trinity. Other than that, I am a big fan of travelling. I’ve had my share of adventure, and I’m lucky to have friends spread out across the globe. This past June I traveled to Turkey and Greece before I went back home for summer. If you ask me how my summer was I’ll tell you that it was really good, but also really cold. Yes, it was winter in Brazil, and yes, it does get pretty cold in the South.

To be honest, it feels good to be back in the heat of San Antonio, and I’m looking forward to this semester.

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