Story of my Life: The Charlie Experience

The first thing you should know about me, hands down, is that I talk a lot.  Well, technically the first thing you should know about me is that my name is Charlie Wagner.  But I do talk a lot.  And for a person who talks a lot, it’s embarrassing how often I misuse words or throw out awkward or ridiculous malapropisms.  It seems that my brain and my mouth lie on slightly different planes and can never manage to organize in advance what eventually comes sloshing out for the world to hear.  Oh well.  That is the story of my life: having or doing one thing that ends up as something else.

There are many examples of this.  For the longest time, I played basketball.  I loved basketball.  As a matter of fact, I still love basketball.  All of my older sisters (I’m one in a family of six) played volleyball, so on occasion I would attend their matches or fool around on the court with them for fun.  But the fact remained that I was a basketball player.  That is, until I was coerced by the family to play volleyball for my high school (regardless of the fact that my skill level in both sports was less than adequate).  Four years later, and here I’m at Trinity still playing volleyball for the club team no less!  I still spend more time playing basketball with my friends than I do playing volleyball with the team… but it seems that somewhere down the road those two sports flipped roles on me.  Oh well.

A worthy internet look-a-like of my bunny, Pup

Another example would be my pet as a child.  I always wanted a dog.  Why?  Because I’m a dog person.  Because dogs rock.  So of course for my sixth birthday, my mother surprised all of us with a beautiful, black… bunny.  Needless to say, we named the bunny Pup.  And Pup was great!  He had huge floppy ears, he was gentle and fluffy, he hardly ever pooped outside of his cage.  Then, the family went on vacation to Canada.  My parents are both Canadian, so we visit our relatives once a year during the summer.  We left Pup with my baby-sitter at the time, an Irish woman named Ann.  It turned out that Ann grew quite fond of Pup, because when we returned from Canada she had fled to Ireland with Pup right at her side.  We never heard from her again.  The good news was, my mom felt so bad that she bought us a dog!  So it was all happy endings in the Wagner household.

Anyways, the reason I’m in Media Interpretation and Criticism is two-fold.  First, because I’m planning on minoring in Communications and therefore am required to take the class.  But second and more importantly, I love movies and TV shows and video games and I think Media Interpretation and Criticism will be a class that allows me to express that adoration.

I’ve provided snippets into my life as it were, little glimpses that provide you an idea of what kind of gentleman I am.  There are obviously other things to learn about me: I’m from Chicago, I have a girlfriend who attends University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (heads up: long distance sucks), I was born in Arizona.  But these facts do not show you who I am, they merely provide information about me.  I hope that this blog has given you, the reader, a better idea of who I am and what I’m like than if I were to list other pointless facts about myself.  In any case, my name is Charlie Wagner and I’m a sophomore student in Media Interpretation.

P.S. My favorite flavor ice cream is double chocolate chunk, in case you were interested.

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