A New World Blogger

Hi, I’m Sarah Hanel! Some people call me Shanel for short because that’s the first part of my email address and it was funny, but then it kind of stuck. I’m a senior from Bellaire, Texas, which is inside Houston and since most people at Trinity are from Houston I’m guessing a good amount of people know where that is.

I initially came to Trinity to play soccer but had to leave the team after suffering 4 ACL tears in about 3 years. Now instead of being a student-athlete, I’m a student-with half a knee-ete, which doesn’t actually qualify as anything. I’m currently applying to get my doctorate in Physical Therapy so that’s where I hope to be for the next few years! I’d say the most interesting thing about me is that I have beaten the game “Bop-It” which I didn’t know was possible until I actually did it, but it was great! 

I’m taking this class for my common curriculum requirement, but so far this is unquestionably my favorite class. My favorite show growing up was Stargate SG-1Stargate_SG-1_cast_minus_Jonas_Quinn (which you’ve probably only heard of if you’re really weird) but I love it and watched it for my whole childhood. The whole show is based on an artifact found in Area-51 so it’s ironic that the first reading for this class basically debunked my favorite thing! In spite of that I’m excited to learn more about conspiracies for the rest of the semester!

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