Dash of tobasco and a pinch of Self

Seeing as everyone has such creative posts, I feel the need to attempt one. My name is Jordan Daigle. It has become increasingly clear to me that I’m now a junior here at the TU and it’s a little mind-boggling. In the wake of my previous, relatively awesome, victories over life, I’m forced to somewhat reflect on what I’ve accomplished, and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. Two years left. Actually, flip the script. Two years to go. Cant wait to make some more memories.

I hail from a suburb of New Orleans. Living there affords some interesting possibilities and experiences. For instance, my taste buds no longer pick up subtle flavors because of the chemical burn of our spicy/salty food. I once had a pet alligator but, despite the common misconception, I did not ride it to school. And I have, just to pass the time, stuck firecrackers inside small helpless creatures. My apologies to any frog and/or toad lovers. It’s true that in the city the lines of mysticism and reality are somewhat blurred, but I’m a run of the mill kid. I come from a small middle class family with two brothers. I’ve played soccer since I could walk and had some of my fondest childhood memories with a ball. Probably the highlight of my senior year in high school is winning the state championship. I stopped playing Trinity soccer this year so that I could pursue some other interests of mine. I have found, however, that I have gratuitous amount of time compared to what I’m used. I’m hoping that I don’t fall into the trap of having too much time on my hands this semester.

To preemptively lash out at this problem, I’ve decided to get job. That seemed like a rational thing to do. So, I’m now a bartender. That is something that is unknown about me since I haven’t told many people. It’s also what I’ve been doing for about a 1/3 of my summer…learning the craft. I’ve found out that a more accurate description is mentally incapacitating people and then being forced to chaperone said person, more often people. I’m kidding. It’s cool being a bartender. Image

Anyway, I’m in Media interp. because it’s required for my Comm. major. I’m certain I would have taken it for common curriculum, though. It’s better than, I think, the majority of the other options. Also, I love movies like just about everybody in the class, and on the face of the earth for that matter. What’s not to like about a course filled with conspiracy and stuff on youtube?

So there is a small taste of who I am. I’m a Cajun, an athlete, a student, a bartender, etc. I’ve got lots of roles to play. It looks like I’ll be busier than I though this year. I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors. If nothing else, it will be an interesting Media interp class.


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