“It Gets Through Buckner! Here Comes Knight and the Mets Win it!”

You may be asking yourself “What the HELL does that title mean?!” I am a HUGE baseball fan and sadly a Mets fan, but more on that later. Hello! My name is Jeremy Wolf. I am a sophomore COMM major and Sports Management minor here. I was born in Hartford, Connecticut because my father worked for ESPN, the reason why I want to go into television (but not at ESPN, thats for another discussion when you are ready to listen to my rants). I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, and I have to say it’s the most sheltered place in all the world. We “Scottsdalians” call it the bubble. 

I am a sports fanatic. You want to talk about anything sports and I will talk with you until your mouth falls off. I play baseball. I eat, sleep, and drink baseball. It’s so simple, violent, smart, any adjective you can think of, thats what it is. Because of my infatuation with baseball, I have had a blog for over a year now and have actually gotten paid for it but doImagen’t tell the NCAA please. I call it The Wolf’s Den and it’s lame, I know, but its fun. When you’re not a ladies man you have a lot of free time on your hands…

I am an outfielder here and I’m happy to say that my hard work has paid off. People ask me why I came here to play. “Why play D-III baseball,” they would ask me. The answer is pretty simple. Play where you are comfortable. My dad told me during the dreaded “school search” that I should play where they want me and this was the best decision of my life. These same people are very curious and they asked my why I decided to join COMM 2302 too and thats a very simple answer, take classes where the people before you have said it is the best class they have taken. WE get to analyze movies and television! What could be better than that?

I also know stupid amounts of dumb facts, mostly about conspiracies and mostly about the Kennedy Assassination, and I have my theories but we will talk about that when the time comes. When we got that email before school started about what the topic was I jumped out of my chair, which is an odd thing to do on a NYC subway…

I am very excited for this semester and I am ready to get to know all of you guys! 


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