“Sydney, like the capital of Australia!”

Whenever I meet someone new, I usually feel like I have to introduce myself as “Sydney, like the capital of Australia” as to eliminate any future confusion on pronunciation or spelling. It’s not “Syndey”, “Cindy”, “Sydni”, and ESPECIALLY not “Sidney”, the spelling of an 85 year old man. But now that we have established that important fact… Hello! I’m a Sophomore studying Urban Studies and Sociology with a minor in Biology. Seem random and illogical? Well, I am planning on going into Public Health, or Health reform, but I am also just really into social change and establishing greater equality for all people of society (especially in health), hence the Sociology and Urban Studies majors. 

Some cool (or not so cool, you be the judge) things about me: I’m from St. Louis (3-1-4

This is a picture from when I arranged for the NO H8 campaign to come host one of their photography sessions at my high school during my senior year. It's probably my most favorite picture of myself.

This is a picture from when I arranged for the NO H8 campaign to come host one of their photography sessions at my high school during my senior year. It’s probably my most favorite picture of myself.

Baby!), I’m an only child (besides my 2 dogs who are my siblings), I’ve studied Public Health and Tropical Medicine at various universities and places including Costa Rica, I’ve organized a counter-protest against the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, I’m the president of the Trinity University Sexual Diversity Alliance and the Diversity Chair for the Alpha Chi Lambda sorority (aka the Sunflower Goddesses), I have six piercings and a tattoo (so far), and I love all things art. Clearly diversity is something that I think is important, and I like to integrate it into my life every way that I can. I have so many interests, that sometimes it is hard to balance them all and decide what to do with my time (besides studying, obviously), but I guess it just keeps life interesting. Besides all of the social and humanitarian issues that I deeply care about, I am extremely passionate about music, visual art, film, dance, colors, fashion, poetry, and videography. One of my utmost favorite things is being able to express myself. Seeing how other people express themselves is second place to that. I really value eclecticism in my life, whether that is through the foods that I eat, the styles of clothing that I wear, or the music that I listen to (from the 1960’s, to 1990’s rap, to indie rock, to experimental remixes, to African pop and Israeli folk), and everything in between– it’s all different. I have been going to concerts all of the time since the 6th grade, and I don’t think I will ever give up that hobby.

I really appreciate trying new things, and discussing interesting topics, so I thought, why not take a Communications class for a change? Yes, it does in fact count for the common curriculum requirements, but at the same time I have a lot of opinions to share, I love to criticize things and analyze them until they can be analyzed no more, and I have never taken a media- oriented class before, but I love watching thought provoking films and ads. I am incredibly excited to be in this class, as conspiracy theories are one of the most interesting conversation starters, and I can’t wait to learn more!

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