The youngest member of the “Win” family.

I correct people before they even get a chance to distort my name. Of course, it’s not that I don’t trust them, or that they might know my last name, because it belongs to a third of the Vietnamese population and is 10th most common in the world. It’s just that John Nguyen is more easily pronounced John “Win”. Although the name strikes competitiveness and aggression in my personality, I promise I carry a lot more humility than my name suggests.

Let’s try this again. I’m starting my senior year planning to major in Chemistry, and my ongoing goal is to enter an environmental chemistry graduate program. I don’t want to be a doctor like my parents would like me to be, but I have assured them I can save lives in other ways, like reduce harmful contaminants in our water sources. I think my career direction reflects my desire to work behind the scenes rather than approach others in direct help. I’ve been an assistant in a lot of things: secretary of Student Council, assistant senior patrol leader in Boy Scouts, TA for chemistry lab, etc. Leading the Chemistry Club this year has admittedly been scary, since I am practically the face of the club. It’s a new horizon for me, and I’ve tried to have fun along the way. My family in Houston probably wouldn’t expect any less from me, but Asian expectations are always difficult to satisfy.


Breakfast under the bridge, July 4th.

I’ve grown to be more outgoing in just a few years at college. I think that taking Media Interpretation is quite a stretch for me, considering it’s very different from my typical advanced science courses. I don’t think it’s a break course, because each subject has its own challenges. But, the subject matter, which is conspiracy theory, throws the challenge into the fun bucket I leave to dig around for adventure.

I leave myself behind the scenes in group events, but on my own, I lead my own adventures. This summer especially, I have taken a bicycle trip from San Antonio to Austin in 12 hours to end up thoroughly exhausted on July 4. The reasons? To visit my friend (and high school crush) and to play at the arcade. There’s nothing more addicting to me than Dance Dance Revolution. This dancing game allows me to funnel my quarters into an exhausting cardio workout. I don’t think most men have achieved what I have done, but I can say I have impressed girls with this video game. Throw out my humility this time; I can play on both dance pads at the SAME time. I don’t bring attitude to class because I leave it all on the dance floor. Anyway, it’s an adventure to join this class.

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