Wait, You’re Doing What?


George, the coolest dog ever, posing for my sister.

My name is Carson Marek, and I am a Junior here at Trinity University. I was born here in Texas. To be more specific, I was born in Fort Worth, otherwise known as Cowtown. I am currently a Business Marketing and Spanish double major and a member of Alpha Chi Lambda sorority. I have a younger sister Maddi, who is 7 years younger than me but still my best friend. I also have a Border Collie named George, who is the coolest dog ever.

No one in my family thought I would end up a school like Trinity, myself included. I was born and raised on big school sports, football especially. It was almost assumed that I would end up at the University of Texas in Austin. Everyone was very surprised and a little confused when it came time for me to begin looking for schools and I applied to smaller private schools. At first I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to stay in state. Once everyone got on board with my decision, it was a lot easier to find schools that better fit my requirements. Once I visited Trinity and realized that it had everything I wanted and was still in state, my choice became very clear. I was originally interested in the premed program, but after I began to lose interest in that, I found that the business program was a much better fit. Fortunately, both of those programs are fantastic at Trinity, so I don’t feel like I have to settle. Everyone was once again surprised and confused at my major switch because becoming a doctor was always something I had expressed interest in. My time at Trinity has definitely changed many of my life plans, all for the better, and led me down some unexpected paths.

Speaking of unexpected things, this class definitely falls into that category. It was recommended to me by some friends of mine who are Communications majors, but I originally thought I had fulfilled that part of my Common Curriculum requirements and wouldn’t be able to take it. When I went to go over my schedule we found out that I actually did need to fill this requirement, so here I am. My friends who recommended this class are all very excited that I am able to take it, especially since many of them voted for the conspiracy theme.

Something that many people don’t know about me is that I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan, which I have been told is pretty nerdy. I own all of the movies (extended versions) and books and can practically recite them. I realize that this is definitely something not many people know about me because I am slightly uncomfortable telling all of my classmates, and all of the people that do know about it think it is pretty funny that I am such a fan because I do not look like what they consider to be the typical fan.

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