She was Always going to win the Competition for my Affection


The famous Cafe Wha? where Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and countless others got their start in the music business. Greenwich Village, NY

            It’s fair to wonder how someone hailing from Louisiana, a state that humbly accepts its ranking as the second worst school system in the country and gracefully embraces its unshakeable conservative political stance, could end up at a petite liberal arts institution such as Trinity. Prior to my junior year in high school I had never heard of this school and was, at most, one of five people who ended up at a university smaller than that of a single biology class at LSU. I take no issue in saying that soccer was the reason I ended up here, and frankly it’s the reason I’ve ended up in so many different situations and locations with teammates and peers that have shaped the guy I am today.

            I am currently a junior, without soccer, but with a content mind that I am finally getting to know. Leaving the game was my decision, despite two ankle surgeries in two years forcing my hand, and it was made because Trinity has been nothing short of a mind opening experience.

            What I failed to mention in my opening is that soccer was always a passion in a constant duel with menace feeding another part of my brain, music. I play several instruments all stemming from piano, which I began at age four and have been passionate about the art form for as long as I can remember. The first record I remember listening to was Disraeli Gears by Cream; in the car on the way to a soccer tournament with my father of course. The Trinity community gave me the opportunity to be surrounded by a student population more diverse and more formative than any my experiences growing up in Louisiana. In the epic battle between music and soccer, music won out, and it’s because of teammates, classmates, and faculty I met here almost subconsciously nudging me in that direction. I believe that everything happens for a reason; soccer kept me afloat and brought me here, and musicianship will be the sustaining idea that keeps me driven as I close out my college era.

            I am in school studying Marketing and Communication, but outside of the classroom I have dove into a bottomless pool of music study in production, arranging, writing, and networking. Famous producers Eddie Cramer, George Martin, and Brian Burton and musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Ray Manzarek, and John Lennon inspire me relentlessly with their constant state of creativity and willingness to simply do what they want and have the confidence to force the listener be shaped around them. I’m lawyered up, have work experience within recording studios, have contacts, and am pushing to reach a professional level of music production by the time a finish college.

            The famous Trinity common curriculum and recommendations are what led me to this course, but I love the idea of culture, sub culture, and culture shifts; music shares these ideas. People, events, and works that have resonating meaning are massive; it’s a legacy that drives countless creators. Since this is a conspiracy themed course, there is comment by John F. Kennedy that resonates with me in regards to art and culture, “If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.

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