The Wizard, The Blonde, and She’s the Man

Subjective Camera

Dick defines subjective camera as what the character sees. Another name for the subjective camera shot is a point of view shot. This is where the audience is seeing the scene from the point of view of the character. In this scene from Harry Potter and The order of the Phoenix (David Yates), the movie audience sees the quidditch match as the characters in the movie see it.

The camera shot works in this scene because it makes it seem more real. The directors might have thought that it makes it easier to identify with the characters and it allows the audience to understand what the characters are experiencing because it feels as if they are actually there.

Linear Montage

Dick says “A montage sequence compressing a decade into ten seconds could be linear in its chronological arrangement (69)”. A linear montage is shots of a group of events that happen in chronological order. This may not be shown right after each other but they are in order of the timing that they happened. In this clip from Legally Blonde (Robert Luketic), the audience sees Elle getting ready for her day.

Part of this movie is about being a beauty queen and making the best of good situations. Its about always being ones best. This relates to the clip that is about the time the Elle spends getting ready while other people are doing other things. It shows the precision with which she does each task and how at the end she is pretty and ready to face the day.


Dick states “Parallel cutting (also known as crosscutting or intercutting) presents two actions occurring simultaneously (70)”. This basically means it shows two events or conversations that are happening at the same time in different locations. In this scene from She’s The Man (Andy Fickman), two groups of friends are having conversations at the same time.

This movie is all about who you appear to be. Viola wants to play soccer but the girls team at her school gets cut so she pretends to be her brother and goes to his school to play on the boys team. By cross cutting, the directors are showing different perspectives at the same time which goes with the movie because different characters know different identities of Viola and she is different people at the same time.

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