We’re just the Puppets

There is a popular conspiracy that revolves around the belief that there is a secret organization of societal elites manipulating world events to establish a single government. Uncreatively, this group is called the “New World Order.” Originally it was called the Illuminati but has since changed identities. This is probably just a recombination of past conspiracy theories considering the similarity between the two memes. Blackmore explains how memes, particularly a conspiracy meme, tends to change and sometimes snowball into other memes. “In our thinking we mix up ideas and turn them over to produce new combinations(Blackmore, pg 24).” Even though this conspiracy seems to propagate all over the internet, there are few media outlets that offer convincing evidence of said conspiracy. It seems, though this could be said for many conspiracies, that believers of this conspiracy attempt to create a convincing portrait of the organization by simply labeling world organizations as “Illuminati” and giving them corresponding tasks within the NWO. The NWO has been accused of everything from simple greed to laying down the groundwork for the Anti-Christ. Mention any powerful organization and they most likely have their place in the NWO. It is widely known, especially in America, that wealthy people travel in the same circles and cooperate with one another to achieve certain goals. American politics has this practice as its gear and mechanism. In seeing US politicians make backroom deals, it’s not difficult to imagine a group of people working together to achieve personal gain.


The all-seeing eye is a popular Illuminati symbol referenced in much of pop culture today.

                Like any conspiracy, though, it’s hard to prove. The dissonance I can see is in believing that the NWO is as old and widespread as the conspirators believe. The three sources I read about this information, Wikipedia not included, had vast articles on the subject but little to no fact based claims. There are even stories entitled things like “NOW proved to be true” or “Illuminati treated as known fact.” These are then propped up by conjecture or some other inconclusive form of logic. It seems that these hypothesis are just ways to explain the unexplainable for some people. To paraphrase what Blackmore says, memes are not a useful way of looking at the world to logically or rationally come to conclusions. Memes propagate because they are useful in explaining bizarre ideas(Blackmore, pg 12).

                The bulk of sites for this conspiracy are extremely unconvincing in my opinion. The Educate-yourself site is a good picture of what I mentioned above. There is lots of conjecture presented as fact, name dropping, and conspiratory spinning. It’s also seemingly written and maintained by one guy. Reading it gives a good view of the mythic quality of the organization and a decent overall picture of what you’ll find elsewhere on the internet, though. I read this site first, and as far as I can tell from this site the NWO have their hand in nearly every major organization, especially governmental groups. They successfully brainwashed the majority populace into blindly falling into their indoctrination traps. Their goal is to eventually establish a single governmental (more than likely fascist) entity. The plot of this particular site is right out of a Robert Ludlum novel. The Insider has more of the recent dealings of the NWO. It points out to references in pop culture and media news. For instance, it has an article about how Jay-Z is an “Illuminatus.” It points out that he makes triangular “Illuminati” signs in many of his pictures and that he has experienced fame previously unknown to rappers before him. The link here is a brief, albeit unconvincing, article about how the NWO is now truth and not just conjecture. Honestly, I wouldn’t waste my time on this article, but the site is an interesting one if you have the time. The most convincing source I found was a site run by one guy. While that makes it much less credible, he attempts to explain the origins and some of the proof behind these NWO beliefs. He unpacks the conspiracy pretty well in his article Illuminati Conspiracy Part One: A Precise Exegesis on the Available Evidence. He starts from what is believed to be the start of the “Illuminati” in 1776. His writing reflects not only belief in the conspiracy, but some considerable research into it. I’m not inclined to soak in everything he has to say, but in reading there is clearly some knowledge of where these widespread theories came from. It’s one of the few sites I found that took the time to present an argument.

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