It is a widespread conspiracy meme that the Denver International Airport was built to the Illumanti headquarters when global genocide leads to New World Order.

In Ted Goertzel’s (1964) article, he states “Conspiracy theorists have connected a lot of dots” (p. 1). While reading about the secrets that are not so secretive anymore of the Denver airport, the author does a lot of dot connecting. There are multiple aspects that fuel conspiracy theorists fire in the mile high city. These aspects range from apocalyptic murals to statues with traditionally ghastly symbolism to literal symbols of Masonism on plaques. The lines are very easily connected, making for easier for the idea to moved from vehicle to vehicle (1999, p. 5). This meme fits well within the memeplex of New World Order. There is not an author to this article but it comes from a website titled “Now The End Begins” with a very obvious Christianity base. My favorite phrase from this article reads “We did our job in bringing you this story. Now, you decide what it means.” This article is undoubtly using visual proof, symbolism, and preexisting memes to connect the idea that the Denver Airport is on the overarching New World Order meme. The site where this article appears is solely about world news in comparison to the world ending. Not ending meaning explosions and death but more along the lines of New World Order. This is article is calling to action the think more critically about what the airport true purpose is. The site that this article posted on is forum for activist to post on. Exploring to the landing page, there are a variety of topics ranging from how Obamacare will ruin the country to robot super-soldiers.


Plaque found in the airport with the title “New World Airport Comission” makes a lot of conspirits raise an eyebrow.

The vigilant citizen does not let anything pass them with their article identifying the strange historical aspects. This article sticks to facts within bullet points more than other articles relying solely on the symbolism of the art present around the airport. Pointing out facts like: there were multiple contractors that did not have full scope of the project and quantifiable construction data.  After taking a closer look at Hofstadter’s (1964) overview of Illuminism and Masonism, the overarching conspiracy of New World Order and protecting one another (p. 78) is very connectable to the observations and theories conspirists have. The site that this article appears on has a strong Illuminism and looking at identifiers in mainstream culture – including, of course, Miley Cyrus.

It is not just about art in this article; military ares, budgets, and runways are the main subjects. Goertzel (2011) points out in his article that many conspiracy memes identify the misuse of public sector commissions. This article addresses the military being in on this as they use the underground facilities (p. 2). This article also points out the facts that this project went over two million dollars and the perimeter of the runways resembles a swastika. Like said above, this meme has an overarching memeplex of New World Order.

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