When History Won’t Reveal Itself

The information has ebbed and flowed over the past 50 years, but the truth is still hidden. The truth is all that it takes to set this theory straight. The truth may shock you. The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas is considered to be the greatest mishandling of information in the history of high powered events, ultimately leading to the greatest conspiracy this world has ever seen. This “coup d’ etat” by the United States government is the leading contributor to the information “witch hunt” that has plagued this nation for fifty years.

According to the Warren Commission, the group of government officials hired to find the truth, led by former Chief Justice Earl Warren, came to the conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman and acted alone on the 22nd of November. There is constantly a flow of information that refutes these claims by this investigative group. On independent blogs all over the internet, the evidence is to great to narrow it down to one man. There was “no basis of evidence available to it that the Cuban, Soviet, Anti- Castro Cubans, Secret Service, CIA, and FBI were involved” (National Archives, 1979). The “findings” of the Warren Commission completely conflict with witness testimony, photographs, and video, very little of which was used to help the Commission come to it’s conclusion. “We’re not stupid,” said the the former Governor Jesse Ventura on a blog in connection with Tru TV called the Conspiritorium. This website delves into many prominent conspiracy theories but has a section devoted to the JFK theories. It also gives links to other parts of the website that give lists of motives, reasonings, and people involved in the events before and after November 22nd, 1963.

According to Ted Goertzel, “Conspiracy theories are easy to propagate and difficult to refute.” (Goertzel, 1994). The of evidence looked at by the Warren Commission during the process refutes all claims of a true and thorough investigation. The Warren Commission covered up the possibility of a second, or even third gunman. They completely refute the claim stating that there was a shooter on the grassy knoll. Witness testimony from the event that supports the “grassy knoll theory” was completely thrown out of the investigation. “Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone” and all three shots came from him in the Texas School Book Depository sixth floor, known now as the “Bird’s Nest” (Warren Commission). The website motherboard.vice.com, created by Derek Mead, gives the best connection to the “second shooter theory” on the internet. Him and his colleagues elaborate the incident through the lens of the camera and through the eyes of the man who filmed the famous 26.6 seconds, Abraham Zapruder. The reason for the second shooter theory is because, as John Kennedy got shot the third time, his head went back and to the left dismantling his skull onto the trunk of the motorcade, maintaining the idea of the only way this could have happened is if there were another shooter.

John F. Kennedy at the fatal headshot; Zapruder film frame 313

John F. Kennedy at the fatal headshot; Zapruder film frame 313

Two days after the shooting, a Dallas Club owner Jack Rubenstein, known as Jack Ruby, killed Oswald point blank. The Warren Commission had found that Ruby had acted alone in his murder of Oswald and though had “friends” in the Mafia, he was in now way connected to them. A website in relation to the Jack Ruby shootings is convinced that he had connections to the mafia because of his previously held positions as a runner for Al Capone in Chicago. John White, at JFK Assassinations, has given his life to finding the truth about what happened that day. He has applied 50 years of interest and research, which include both lone assassin and conspiracy viewpoints, into his blog. People who believe in this connection to the assassination believe that the mafia was involved with the CIA, helping them pull off this elaborate scheme and cover up.

All of these pieces of information lead to a central theme in the conspiracy, “How could one man have acted alone despite his connections to the Mafia, Soviet Union, and Cuba?” The Warren Commission found no evidence of such and blamed the entire situation on one man, Oswald.

You can search for hours upon hours on the internet for videos, photos, blogs, witness testimonies, and articles from the event to help pull together your own opinion, but just as with Goertzel, Susan Blackmore agrees that “memes are like genes and will be passed on from one generation to the next.” (Blackmore, 1999).  She means the idea passed from those who were at the event will go to the next generation, and the next, and the next, and so on.  Those who continue to find the holes in the Warren Commission’s story will eventually find the one thing that sets this story right. With the 50th anniversary of the event coming up in November, we might finally get to know the truth.

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