The Once and Future King

It is believed that the legendary King Arthur, will return once again to England and save his People in their most dire need. I have always been a believer myself in King Arthur’s legacy and role in Britain’s history. My belief is based more on the want and hope that he was a very real, influential figure in British history. The “once” is his legacy that we know. Whichever story you prefer to believe in, whether it involves Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere’s “affair” which led to the collapse of his reign and the Kingdom, or with the wizard Merlin, King Arthur’s friend or as his foe, or the tale of the Sword in the Stone and Excalibur and the Knights of the Round Table. My personal favorite version of the King Arthur story is the BBC series, “Merlin”. It probably won’t be difficult to understand why (see picture below).The series mainly focuses on Merlin and his journey alongside King Arthur, but King Arthur is viewed as this lively, triumphant King that is respected by all his people, and is a just and powerful King.

King Arthur

Bradley James as King Arthur in the BBC series, “Merlin”. Needless to say why this is one of my favorite shows ever.

One type of medium that supports this belief that King Arthur will return is this comic book called “Camelot 3000”. It is a bit of an obscure story about how Arthur will return to Earth and save people from an alien invasion and the evil Mordred and Lady Morgana. Knights of the Round Table are reincarnated as well as the two nemeses of King Arthur into unlikely characters, whether they are a samurai or into a women (Wikipedia). There are many fans that loved these stories growing up.

There is also a blog titled The Cannabis Community that presents a simple discussion question: Was King Arthur real? On the site, there are some die-hard believers, but not everyone that commented is a believer. Goertzel writes, “But the word conspiracy also usually implies something that is secret and hidden” (Vol. 35.1).  People have gone on about how King Arthur’s tomb cannot be found, therefore he does not exist. On one reply, a blogger posted a YouTube video about this author and his book called, “The Authurian Conspiracy”. Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett have done years and years of research on King Arthur and his questionable legacy. They have come up with data that proves to be interesting to King Arthur enthusiasts.

Followers and believers of the legend of King Arthur are devoted to proving their stance: that he lived. In reality it is not as much of a conspiracy theory as the comic Camelot 3000 makes his return out to be. People want to believe in the mystical, mysterious and unknown, and they can devote their research to this in hopes that they will unveil the Truth.

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