The African Conspiracy

In 2005, The Constant Gardener was released to the delight of conspiracy movie fans. The film deals with a young couple who get dragged into a world of corruption and subterfuge when investigating a pharmaceutical company. At first, British diplomat Justin Quayle is oblivious to his wife’s activities. But as she dies in the pursuit of answers, Justin picks up her search, chasing down clue after clue, to get to the bottom of an African drug conspiracy. He confronts his own government, African bandits, and a multinational corporation in an effort to stop the drug company from testing its drugs on the African population. Throughout the movie, Justin has to revise his friendships and make new allegiances to doggedly get to the bottom of a billion dollar scandal dealing with the involuntary testing of Dipraxa, a TB antidote, on African people.

The film is classic conspiracy and represents a blinding truth that the foundation of a good cover-up is the development allegiances and cultivation of beliefs in the majority.

When Justin’s wife is killed, he discovers that many of the “higher ups” are complicit in her death. He can get nowhere through the thick sludge of red tape surrounding his superiors, or so it seems. This belief is common in many memes and is, oftentimes, a product of human imagination.

What Justin begins to realize, even up to the end of the movie, is that this scandal is not only covered by higher powers, but perpetuated by the victims of the conspiracy.

The ultimate demise of the conspirators is, ironically, the motivation to create the conspiracy, control. As Justin digs, each member strives to control him individually, and it leads to counterproductive and lethal consequences for them.

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