95 Hitlers

The Boys of Brazil, directed by Franklin L. Schaffner, begins with Barry Kohler investigating suspicious Nazi activity in Paraguay reporting back to famed Nazi-hunter, Ezra Lieberman. After overhearing the Nazi’s plan to kill 95 men across the Western world, Barry was anxious to let know Mr. Lieberman the revelation in his findings to only be greeted and murdered by those he was ease dropping on. Barry’s sacrifice tipped off Lieberman into carrying on the investigation leading to Dr. Josef Mengele’s plan to carry Hitler past his death through 95 clones. Mr. Lieberman and Dr. Mengele are met at one of the clone’s houses where the Hitler child allows his dogs to attack and kill Mengele, siding only with Mr. Lieberman with a promise of not telling the police of the events that occurred.

In The Boys of Brazil, Franklin L. Schaffner identifies what expectations are placed on clones, reflecting on society’s expectations as well.

Three possible topic sentences:

  • After Dr. Mengele describes undeniable adolescent Hitler characteristics to Bobby, one of the Hitler clone, he agrees that is what he thinks about himself, identifying that he believes that not only did the physical characteristics follow, but psychological characteristics as well.
  • Throughout the movie, the clones are held on the same, godlike pedestal Adolf Hitler was held to during his life. [insert multiple examples from the movie and also external resources identifying how hitler was viewed during his life]
  • As Mr. Lieberman is questioned about protecting Hitler by not killing the children, he replies, “We’ll not slaughter the innocent” juxtaposing the idea of previous expectations of a clone with different expectations of his future.
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