Black Gold and Worldwide Corruption

Syrianawritten and directed by Stephen Gaghan, centers around the connection between energy giants, Middle Eastern oil conglomerates, radicalized Middle Easter immigrants, and the political effects that lead to worldwide corruption. Corruption is simply the way that America “wins” against the rest of the corrupt world. The merger between energy giant Connex, who is quickly losing control of the al- Subaai ruled oil fields in the Middle East, have been under investigation for their acquisition of Killen Oil, who had just recently acquired drilling rights in Kazakhastan. Prince
Nasir, son of the Emir (king), had just recently sold the rights of the Middle Eastern oil fields to a Chinese company. This makes the U.S. government weary of him being a communist leaning leader, labeling him a terrorist to the American Public, giving them the right to take action whenever they need to. It is clear that Stephen Gaghan believed that there was an alternate reason for why the United States was involved in Iraq in the early 2000s. In Syriana, he created a conspiracy involving both the United States government and the oil giant, Connex-Killen (a company loosely based on ExxonMobile), to eliminate Prince Nasir and replacing him with his brother, whom they can control. 

Topic Sentences:

1. The purpose of the Department of Justice is to find the corruption in the Connex- Killen merger. Though there is evidence of an illegal wire-transfer, there are still people trying to keep the situation behind closed doors.

2. The Middle Eastern immigrants were stripped of their jobs at the Connex refinery because it was sold to a Chinese company. Since Connex had given them food and housing, they are now facing poverty and need to find a solution.

3. The ties between the immigrants, Connex, Prince Nasir, Bob Barnes (George Clooney), and Mussawi lead to a powerful connection during the climax of the movie.

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