CIA’s Ghosts

The Ghost Writer is a political-thriller film, directed and produced by Roman Polanski. Its original release in the US was on March 19th 2010. The main characters of the movie are a “ghost” writer (Ewan McGregor), a former prime minister of the UK – Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan) and his wife, Ruth (Olivia Williams). The main plot of the movie is that of the mysterious drowning of Mike McAra – Lang’s former ghost writer who was working on his biography. A new ghost writer is then hired and he ends up picking up on clues left behind by Mike. These clues lead him into a world of conspiracies and hidden secrets involving the CIA. Without getting into further details about the film, this paper will analyze the movie for examples to reinforce the statement that the fear of being watched over or observed by a government organization, such as the CIA is a driving force behind the development of conspiracy theories. The fact that the CIA has a hold on a great amount of undisclosed information, leads many people to feel uncertain and insecure about what is the “truth” behind many international and national security affairs.

1st topic sentence – As seen in The Ghost Writer, the CIA has been the target of several conspiracy theories, some of which get overruled, others that turn out to be accurate. [At this point some external research is required to look for examples of conspiracy theories involving the CIA]

2nd topic sentence – The evolution of communication and search engines such as Google, as shown in one of the scenes of the movie, made it even easier for ordinary people to get a hold of somewhat confidential CIA information and use it to develop new conspiracies. [It would be interesting to insert in this paragraph a passage about “hidden” or subliminal messages, such as the extremely important message contained on Mike McAra’s book – “it’s all about the beginnings”- and how ordinary people also presume to have found these messages in various governmental documents]

3d topic sentence – The supposed “drowning” accident involving the former ghost writer gains an even stronger conspiratory when a reliable source discards the hypothesis that the body could have been dragged by the ocean currents and it starts to sound much more like a conspiracy when when a key witness enters a coma after “falling-off the stairs”. The point to be made on this paragraph is that of how these individual events (whether they are actually somewhat connected) end up coming together to reinforce and create a stronger, more credible conspiracy theory.

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