“Get out while you can…while you still have a soul.”

The Good Shepherd (2006) directed by Robert De Niro is a conspiracy film bas

The Good Shepherded loosely on the creation of counter-intelligence in the CIA. Jumping back and forth in time between the 1930s and the 1960s, the audience is given small pieces of a larger puzzle that begins and ends with the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961. Throughout the movie, the story and character of Edward stay shrouded in mystery, almost forcing the audience to pay more attention to the events happening around him than the character himself. If there is one consistency in the otherwise dicey story line it is secret societies. The Good Shepherd delves into the world of secret societies, showing both their steering effects on events in the world and the way that the power of a secret can unravel an individual life.

Topic Sentence 1: The message of this film is to propagate the conspiracy behind the Bay of Pigs crisis from a human perspective, making the whole event even more chilling than reported in the media.

Topic Sentence 2: De Niro makes it a point to show the devastating effects of secrets on a family as each generation of Wilson men leaves a path of destruction in the wake of joining a secret society.

Topic Sentence 3: “You’re safe here with me” the line that innocently opens up the movie and eventually leads to an international crisis, is the perfect example of the propagation of a secrecy meme and how a simple idea can have extreme impacts. 

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