“I told them a story.”

Three Days of the Condor, directed by Sydney Pollack, is a political thriller set in the early 1970s. The plot follows Joe Turner, CIA employee, as he tries to uncover who murdered his coworkers and why. Set in New York and Washington D.C., Turner avoids death multiple times throughout the movie with his quick wit, combat skills,  and the enlisted help of Kathy Hale. Towards the end, we discover that the reason his department was targeted was that a report he submitted covering a book revealed a government plan to invade the Middle East for oil. Three Days of the Condor analyzes the way our government is run, and raises questions about who we put our trust in and why in not only political aspects, but personal ones as well.

A few possible paragraph topics could include:

Analyzing the historical context of this movie. The early ‘70s included both the Watergate scandal and Vietnam war, leaving the government with much to handle. How the government is portrayed in this film may have been different had this movie ben set in another time period.

The editing of this film. Three Days of the Condor was nominated for Academy Award for film editing. The combat scenes are particularly interesting.

The narrative of the film. Code names play a large part in this film, and analyzing them provides some interesting commentary. In addition, a lot of the dialogue is loaded with multiple meanings.


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