The Man that gave Birth to the 20th Century

“From Hell” is set in London, 1888 and tells of the legendary story of “Jack the Ripper.” Mary Kelly (Heather Graham) is a London prostitute that builds a relationship with Inspector Frederick Abberline (Johnny Depp) and eventually falls in love with him. Abberline (Depp) is a compassionate police officer that investigates the ongoing serial murders. Due to his consumption of drugs, he dreams about scenes from the murders, which helps him come to the reveal of the Ripper.

At the beginning of the film, Mary Kelly (Graham) and her group of prostitute friends are going through the daily steps of unrelenting misery when their friend Ann Crook (Joanna Page) is kidnapped. The prostitutes are now drawn into a conspiracy that connects higher up than they could imagine. The kidnapping of their friend is followed by the ghastly murder of Martha Tabram (Samantha Spiro). It soon becomes apparent that the prostitutes are being hunted down one by one and are murdered and mutilated post mortem. The signature way of killing is the slicing of the throat, followed by the cutting out of the heart. The murder of Martha and later along with Polly Nichols (Annabelle Apsion), Annie Chapman (Katrin Cartlidge), Liz Stride (Susan Lynch), Kate Eddowes (Lesley Sharp) and Ada (Estelle Skornik), grabs the attention of Whitechapel’s Police Inspector Abberline (Depp). With the help of one of his friends, the humorous Sergeant Peter Godley (Robbie Coltrane), his investigation reveals that these gruesome murders were most likely conducted by an educated person, due to the precise surgical way the killings were performed.

Ann Crook, Mary Kelly’s friend is found a few days later having been lobotomized after so-called officials and doctors supposedly found her insane. Because of this conspiracy, it’s suspected that the procedure was performed to silence her.  Looking further into these cases, Abberline consults with Sir William Gull (Ian Holm), the physician to the Royal Family, because he has many years of experience and knowledge of medicine. Abberline’s investigations begin to point to a bigger, darker, organized conspiracy. The case now has personal significance to Abberline due to the fact that he is falling in love with the prostitute, Mary Kelly (Graham). Abberline gathers that the Freemason organization influence has something to do with the crimes. A Freemason superior to Abberline intervenes and suspends Abberline from the cases.

It is then revealed to us that Sir William Gull is the killer. He has been killing the witnesses to Albert Sickert’s (Mark Dexter) forbidden Catholic marriage to Ann Crook. And Crook bore Sickert’s legitimate daughter Alice. It is realized that Sickert is actually Prince Edward, grandson son to the reigning Queen Victoria. This means Alice is heiress to the British throne, yet she is the daughter of a prostitute.

Instead of publicly charging Gull with many counts of murder, the Freemasons decide to lobotomize him in order to protect the Royal Family from scandal. In an edging scene close to the end, we fear that Mary Kelly might be murdered by Gull, but Ada, a friend of a previously murdered prostitute, is murdered instead. Mary Kelly does not die. Instead she lives with Alice (Crook’s daughter and technical heir to British Royalty) in a cottage on a cliff by the sea.  Unfortunately, Godley (Coltrane) finds Abberline (Depp) dead, due to an opium overdose, knowing that he can never see Mary again without endangering her.

My present thesis is: “From Hell,” based on the infamous conspiracy of ‘Jack the Ripper’ in Whitechapel England in the late 1800s, is about the shameful, grotesque cover-ups performed by the Freemasons in order to prevent scandal associated with the British Royal Family.

Interestingly enough, in late January, 2000, the time when “From Hell” began pre-production and filming, in England, a jury found one of the most prolific serial killers in recorded history, English doctor Harold Shipman, who was guilty of 15 murders. One of my topic sentences will tentatively be: “During the time the screenplay for this ‘Jack the Ripper’ type film was being written for “From Hell”, an Englishman named Dr. Harold Fredrick Shipman, aka ‘Dr. Death’ was found guilty of 15 murders; he is considered ‘one of the most prolific serial killers in recorded history by proven murders with up to 250 murders being ascribed to him.’ ”

“This ‘Jack the Ripper’ character is known for being a heinous, sadistic serial killer, but the purpose for these murders in “From Hell” are not for profit, but ritual.” Freemasonry has very often been the target of conspiracy theories. In this paragraph I want to explain more of the history of the freemasons; and then explain what I mean by “not for profit, but ritual.”

“From Hell” is exclusively about the Freemason’s conspiracy to cover-up the dishonorable marriage and birth of an heiress between the Prince of England and a common prostitute. I believe the filmmaker is suggesting that there is conspiracy everywhere and about anything. It is often that highly ranked groups or individuals are putting themselves responsible for covering up of a problem caused by a lowly ranked group or individual.” These are a few sentences that I will use to focus on the section ‘Speculate about the implied recommendation in the film.’


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