We’re All Forteans

In Saucer Country: Run, Michael says, “One measures a circle beginning anywhere. Charles Fort said that.  His work reminds us to hold ourselves at a distance from conjuring up swift theories, which can easily turn into cant.  But in this day and age, we’re all Forteans, I mean, doesn’t anyone actually believe anything anymore?” (Cornell). 

In this panel from Saucer Country, Michael is doing some philosophical thinking and is quoting Charles Fort.

This quote comes towards the end of Saucer Country: Run, when the book is sort of wrapping up.  Michael is looking back on the events that happened at the start of the book and trying to make sense of it all.  When Michael asks the question in the last sentence of the quote above, I think about Nihilism.  However, I think he is really talking about society’s current lack of beliefs regarding politics.  We are quickly falling into a sort of Big Brother government that takes care of everything for us so we do not have to think.  You can see this in the recent news about the NSA.  To an extent we new it was happening, because of the Patriot Act and other legislature.  We still let it go on though, because hey, they are working in our best interest right?  We have our own ideas about politics during elections, but they are largely effected by what questions are asked in debates and what current events have recently taken place.  Once a candidate is elected, it seems that many people just go back into their little world.

The Charles Fort quote that Michael says in the panel above has to do with Fort’s ideas about beginning.  The quote Michael says comes from one of Fort’s books which is entitled Lo!, which was published in 1931.  In a longer version of the quote, Fort says that it does not matter what our beginning was.  This is then followed by the saying about measuring a circle.

Charles Hoy Fort (August 6, 1874-May 3, 1932) was a writer and a researcher.  His research regarded phenomena that had to do with flying objects.  This is particularly interesting because “Fort collected numerous accounts of aerial phenomena prior to the invention of aviation, including huge cylinders and spheres in the sky. Many of these would today be considered UFOs” (Sacred Texts).

Nowadays, these phenomena are described with the word Fortean.  Fort’s works have gone far enough to inspire people and draw a strong following.  These followers call themselves Forteans.  Charles Fort’s books sell quite well and are still in print.

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