Trailer or trash?

The trailers I watched we almost all romantic comedies/chick flicks. Most of them had quick, flashy shot changes because there is a lot to get into a trailer that will make the story make sense and convince the viewer that they should see the movie. They had quick paces and I noticed that they did not always follow the order of the scenes in the real movie.

People do not have long attention spans so if the trailer is too long, they will lose interest. I found that almost all of my trailers were between 2:15 and 2:30. The shortest was 2 minutes flat and the longest was 2:50. I also noticed that the music generally was taken from the movie. Most of the trailers had lines from the movie being spoken but the music set the tone of the trailer and what was going on. The trailer for Catching Fire had the Hunger Games jingle at the end.

About half of the trailers I watched had voice overs/ narration. Sometimes I felt like this was distracting from the trailer and sometimes it helped me understand better what was happening. I think it depends on the complication of the plot and how much information the director wants to reveal about the movie in the trailer. Most of my trailers did not have words during the trailer. A few did but they were minimal and did not add too much to the video. They all had the name of the movie and the date it would be released at the end. The type was generally the one used for the title logo.

The recut trailers were interesting to watch. I noticed that most of the audio was disconnected from the video and so the  synchronization was not a problem. Both the Mean Girls recut and the Forest Gump recut had narration. My favorite one, The Incredibles recut, did not. It was able to tell the story by re-configuring audio and video from the movie to tell its story. It was also the only recut trailer that I viewed that used words to explain but it came across more as dramatic effect than needed to make the trailer make sense. It used about 4 typography slides.

Trailers: She’s the Man, Pitch Perfect, Mama Mia, The Notebook, Easy A, John Tucker Must Die, Catching Fire, and Legally Blonde 

Recut Trailers: Mean Girls (Comedy to Horror), Forest Gump (Comedy to Gangster Movie), The Incredibles (Children’s movie to Horror)

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