The Final Post, Judgement Day


Oh how I’d like to know whose eye this is…

To the dismay of my readership, this will be my final blog post. It has been a pleasure to spend a semester contemplating the endless conspiracies that revolve around our media framed culture and reveal a bit of my communication studies savvy in this blog.

With what little time is remaining in Media Interpretation, I hope we discuss a selection of classic and mainstream conspiracies, something we did a little bit of in the beginning, but now with the lens of our newly acquired communication theory knowledge, we may feel differently.

Undoubtedly my favorite author of this course is Chuck Klosterman. He pops up many times throughout the semester, but the most memorable Klosterman work for me is, “Ha ha,” he said. “Ha ha.” I love the way Klosterman mechanically broke down the situational comedy of Friends into a Mad Lib like structure. He also points out that comedies that do not employ a laugh track are usually considered more hip, oh so true. My least favorite reading of the semester, an oddly the most used in my academic writing thus far, is Bernard Dick’s Anatomy of Film. It’s not that his work is not useful, it’s just tedious to read and is littered with arbitrary terminology of events in film that we could easily explain that he sums into one or two words. Most of the readings for this course have been incredibly insightful and original, while this one feels very middle school level with its countless terminology. Looking back on this work, the bit I enjoy more now than I did then is the Eisensteinian montage, especially how it can almost become a pretentious technique if used not as artistically as one would expect.

As far as my plans post Comm. 2302, I only have a year and a half to go. My field of study is business with a concentration in marketing, and with all my common curriculums complete, it’ll be all business courses from here on out. As far as my outside of the classroom activities, I will be continuing to write music and continue my audio engineering endeavors with more studio experiences and experimentation.

For next year’s two sections of Comm. 2302, I would advise doing the same topic for each course, although that may make it a little more redundant for the professor. I know that I would be upset if I ended up in the “heroes” section rather than “villains”. I think “infiltration” is an interesting topic that transitions smoothly out of this year’s discussion of “conspiracy”. “Puzzles” is another that would transition equally as smoothly. 

I’d like to thank my classmates and Dr. Delwiche for their enthusiasm in this course.

Signing off


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