Closing up shop

Well here we are at the end. I’m sure you, Dr. Delwiche, are tearing up at the thought of not having to read these hundreds of blog posts and papers every week, just as I am at the thought of not having to write anymore. This semester sure has flown by.

For the remaining time we have left in this class I hope that we can connect back to the conspiracy talk we started at the beginning of the semester. I’d love to learn about both modern and ancient conspiracies in order to examine them while incorporating everything we’ve learned about memes and language this semester. We’ve thrown around terms like the Illuminati and Free Masons throughout the semester but I’d love to learn more about their specific impact on culture.

We have done a lot of reading throughout this semester, but I would have to say my favorite one would be “‘Ha ha,’ he said. ‘Ha Ha.'” by Chuck Klosterman. I’ve liked all of Klosterman’s writing just because of his easy and ironic writing style, but this one in particular made me laugh because I have never consciously noticed laugh tracks! And now that I know what they are it’s the only thing I hear in sitcoms that use them. They’re so silly. My least favorite of the readings was hands down the Baudrillard reading. The combination of terrible writing (I don’t know if this is considered “good” writing by intellectuals but I consider it bad because I’m so caught up trying to just understand what he’s saying that his whole argument is lost on me!) and the very cynical argument is enough to make me want to stay away from this paper. The most important thing that I took out of this article was that I disagree with it completely. Specifically the part that Disneyland shows the objective profile of America. No. Disneyland is a successful business marketed towards kids and families that, if you’re lucky, you’ve visited one time in your life. It’s not some crazy representation of what we wish reality was or wasn’t. That is definitely one thing I appreciated most about this class; I was able to be exposed to all of these sources and think critically about them without being coerced into following an agenda.

Next semester will be my last semester at Trinity, and I will (for the second semester in a row) be taking 21 hours. I hope to get into Physical Therapy school in the next few weeks and be set for the following year…keep your fingers crossed! If I have enough money saved up by the end of next semester I’d like to study abroad in Argentina or Spain before I go to grad school and if not I’ll just be watching the World Cup!

Listed in the blog assignment are a lot of really interesting options for next semester’s theme. I personally like the Heroes and Villains concept the most. There is a lot of psychoanalysis that could be incorporated into those themes especially with the new Joker and Bane characters from the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises.

The psychoanalysis could get crazy.

The psychoanalysis could get crazy.

I wouldn’t think people would be upset about being in one section or the other because I actually think examining villains would almost be more interesting than heroes.

Thank you so much for everything this semester Dr. Delwhiche. I’m sad that this class is over, and I have learned more than I ever anticipated. Have a happy holiday!!

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