Who Would have Thought

Looking back at the semester, I never would have thought that a Common Curriculum class fulfilling my art credit would be one of my favorite classes this semester. The course took me a month or so to settle, but once I got used to the readings and structure of the lectures, I really began to enjoy the class. The readings were challenging, but entertaining. And the assignments and projects were thought provoking and applicable.


Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters, which were publicized by author Tom Wolfe

My favorite topic that we discussed this semester was post modernism. I enjoy reading about topics that challenge the norms. One of my favorite literature periods is the beatnik generation. I have read several books from Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey, William S Burroughs, and Tom Wolfe. Two of my favorite books include On the Road by Jack Kerouac, and The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe. Like the articles from Bostrom and Klosterman, these books question what reality is. Are we living in a façade? I love these books and it was great to talk about the subject in class. If time permits, I would love to talk more about post modernism on our last day of class. Otherwise, I would enjoy watching your TED Talk instead…

I really enjoyed reading Chuck Klosterman’s articles and passages this semester. I think he is a great writer and makes it easy for his reader to understand the importance of his paper. Klosterman also uses a free flowing style that is comical and refreshing to read. His article about John Cusack is spectacular. I know where his is coming from, because my girlfriend is very similar to the women his is describing in the article. Some women have this very unrealistic idea of love and romance. They expect to be swept off their feet by a prince charming, but the reality is that most guys aren’t nearly as good looking or clever as those depicted in movies.

My least favorite reading had to have been Saucer Country. I understood what the author was trying to point out with immigration, but I found the books outlandish and a bit overwhelming. At times I felt like the author was trying too hard and stretching to make a connection. Additionally, I found the second book disappointing and anticlimactic. Really, the pixies are just projections? Actors inserted a chip in Dr. Kidd’s ear and that’s why he could see the pixies?

This semester has been very interesting for me in terms of making plans for after college. I have been interning with the San Antonio Spurs Professional Basketball Team as a Business Analytics Intern. Additionally, I have been working with a business professor on a Sports Business Analytics Independent Study. My work in analytics has caused me to pursue a different second major. Before, I was majoring in Economics and Business Administration with a minor in Sport Management. However, my independent study professor informed me of Trinity’s Interdisciplinary Second Major Program (ISM) and I now am pursuing my own second major in Sport Business Analytics. While it is not official yet, I plan on fusing classes from business, sport management, computer science, math, and psychology together to make my own major. This major gives me a chance to pick up more of the skills needed for a career in analytics. Additionally, if all goes according to plan, I will submit a project to the MIT Sloan Sport Analytics Conference in the Spring 2015. This event is tremendous networking opportunity, as teams from all over the world will visit to see the latest and greatest in Sport Analytics. Working with a professor, I plan to run a simulation to predict World Cup qualification for several teams. The project should be challenging, but I am very passionate about the topic and it would be a great learning opportunity for me. If I can pull it off, I am confident that I could get at least an interview with just about any professional team in the world.

As for the theme of the class, I enjoyed learning about conspiracy theories. Talking about conspiracy theories really hammered the credibility question home. Just about anyone can publish something on the Internet these days so it is very important to check the author’s qualifications and background. The idea of Superheroes and Villains intrigues me however. I do not think students would mind too much which section he or she is placed in. Focusing on either superheroes or villains would be interesting to me. Whatever you decide, I like the idea of having a contrast between the two classes.

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