Down The Rabbit Hole of Deeper Meanings


This iceberg represents this class – at surface level, what we’re looking at doesn’t have a lot to it but in reality it has so much to it.

In our final class period, I’d really like to go into more detail about modernism and postmodernism because I’m really interested in writing my final paper about that, so know as much as I can would be extremely helpful. My favorite reading of the semester was Frederick Kaufman’s article. I have never thought about food in that way before, but there are so many ways he connected it all together that supports his hypothesis. I always enjoy learning about things I already know, just from a different perspective. The reading like the least was Andrew Gordon’s article because I have never seen Star Wars so it was difficult for me to follow a many of the references.

From my least favorite reading, Gordon writes: 

“In an era in which Americans have lost heroes in whom believe, Lucas has created a myth for our times, fashioned out of bits and pieces of twentieth-century American popular mythology – old movies, science fiction television, and comic books – but held together at its most basic level by the standard pattern of the adventures of a mythic hero.”

I found this to be an interesting observation of what George Lucas did with Star Wars, going into the deeper meaning of what was beyond the movie. This also connects to this class as a whole. Before I never really thought about how movies are formulated to reflect the staples of our culture.

Next semester I’m taking mostly business classes. I believe I’m going abroad for the summer. The paperwork to declare myself a business administration double concentration in accounting and marketing is currently sitting in my school bag.

I really like the teenage identity one! I wish I could take that! I think that would be really interesting. I would say be careful about choosing something that could create too much of a niche market of the film genre. 

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