It’s so hard to believe that Monday will be our last class meeting! School seems so dreadfully long in the midst of it but looking back, it’s flown by. With the little time we have left, I think we should revisit conspiracy theories, since that is the theme of this semester, or talk more about simulations, a topic that is always a mind-bender for me. This was actually my last full semester on campus; next semester, I will be away on my senior accounting internship (first big girl job, ah!) until March 8th, party it up during spring break and come back for a “mini-mester” of two classes. I’ll be graduating in May 2014 but I’ll hopefully be coming back for my master’s in accountancy here at Trinity.


We discussed this ad and its psychoanalytic symbolism in class (this is the closet image to food porn that I could find without feeling uncomfortable about sharing it on the class blog…)

As far as the class readings, my favorite of the semester was probably the “Debbie does salad” reading by Frederick Kaufman. It was hilarious to read the connections between cooking shows on the Food Network (a channel I tend to watch a lot, by the way) and pornography, and while I thought it was a bit over the top, Kaufman did make some good points. My least favorite reading is a tie between the Danesi reading on signifiers or the Baudrillard reading (surprise, surprise). I just found these readings to be dull, and especially with the Baudrillard reading, convoluted. I ended up citing Danesi and his explanation of indexical, symbolic, and iconic signifiers a lot throughout the course; his reading proved to be useful in the end but still not a favorite.

I’m a fan of either heroes/villains or infiltration. Infiltration seems to be a similar topic to conspiracy theories, and while I enjoyed our theme, I’m not sure if that’s too related for your taste. I would hope students wouldn’t get that upset about a class theme but you never know with some people… Perhaps it might not be a bad idea to hold a vote in each section to see which theme they’d rather take, heroes or villains. If both want the same theme, I guess there could be a tiebreaker. For example, if both classes want to be heroes, then take whichever class has the larger percentage of people that voted for the heroes theme and that class is the heroes class. Although I will say that if the heroes/villains theme happens next semester, I’ll be very jealous that I won’t be able to take part.

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