If Lizard People Exist, Then I must be a Monkey’s Uncle

What an amazing class, everyday with something new and always something to question. My job as a student is to envelop everything I learn but also to critique it in such a way that I understand it to the best of my ability. This class let me express this to the best of my ability and I commend the reading and also the lectures to that. I got to learn about information that will help me in my future as a student but also to criticize things that happen in everyday life. That being said, there were readings in this class that we had to research and critique and I finally have my opportunity to give how I feel about them. To their credit, some people believe that “lizard people” run the world… But let’s be honest, the likelihood of this happening is almost slim to none (“so you’re saying there is a chance?”)

that’s not what I am saying. I think that yes, there could be things in this world that are unexplained and that we need an answer to them but is lizard people one of them. So on my final blog post, I say to you Mr. Tinnitus, that lizard people do not exist. Furthermore, they do not run our world. Please go back to your bunker underneath the Denver airport, grab a coat; I’ll wake you after the ice age.

What reading did I enjoy the most, you may ask; I thought the Bernard dick reading was genius in that I never realized how intricate film can be. It changed my views on how I now watch and interpret movies. I now look for the subtleties in film, not just the big picture or the main idea. It taught me to analyze and criticize what a director wants me to interpret and also to see the alternate meanings he may have. It helped me with the video project immensely because using my movie, Saving Private Ryan (Spielberg 1998), I had an opportunity to manipulate the movie and I did, very successfully.


I want to go to law school after my time here but before then, I want to study topics that I understand and like to learn about. There are many classes here that don’t fit what I enjoy learning about but COMM classes do not fit that criteria. It is more hands on and a chance for me to be creative and not a place where I have to learn formulas and acronyms. I would love more than anything to study abroad, but do I think I need to, no… I have had my fun in Europe and my commitment to baseball has become a bigger fixture in my life than previously anticipated. I have a chance to do something pretty special in the next few years here and I need to place all my focus in that and not as much in vouloir aller en France in the next few years. Europe will always be there, winning a National Championship will not.

I would like you to further discuss how semiotics works in our world in class on Monday. I know we went through it a ton at the beginning of the semester, but during my essay on How I Met Your Mother, I will talk deeply into what everything means in the show, from the Blue French Horn to Bro-mances and “suiting up.”

Next year, please do superheroes of the 20th & 21st century and compare it to Greek or Roman mythology. If you can create that concoction, I think that would be wonderful and I would most likely take this class again.

With allllll that being said, I would like to thank you Dr. Delwiche for the way you taught this class. With all my heart, I know you made me a better student and I am forever in your debt for that. Thank you.

You Stay Classy San Diego,
I’m Jeremy Wolf???

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