I’m Ob-sessed.

I would really love to continue talking about feminism in media, and possibly discuss that video, “How the Media Failed Women.” I have started to become passionate about that subject, and talking about that along with Freud and all of his peculiar theories. I think feminism is a very important topic nowadays; and I enjoy discussing it with my peers also with the potential of enlightening them a bit.

I really enjoyed any of the readings by Chuck Klosterman. The first couple ones we read were interesting and entertaining like, “Ha ha, he said. Ha ha.” And, “It Will Shock You How Much It Never Happened.” His work is just very quirky and entertaining. It’s not dry, or a struggle to read. I’m interested in what he has to say, and I laugh at what he writes sometimes, which makes it more enjoyable. My least favorite readings were probably the ones that talked about food porn, like, “’Food Porn’ in Gastronomica” by Anne McBride. However, I liked that reading, I just found the subject weird, outlandish and distasteful. After reading some of the different people’s thoughts, I had to agree and disagree. For example, when Will Goldfarb was asked the question, “Is there such thing as food porn?” He responded, “No. It’s a meaningless, artificial term. Porn is a replacement for sex, while food is a consumable item. Except for the fact that they’re both on television I don’t see the two as related…” I agreed with his points. It was kind of a random article for this class. I just didn’t really feel that comfortable talking about that subject either.

I think it would be really cool to talk about book to movie adaptations/fandoms. Personally, I am obsessed with books that are being/have been turned into movies, like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight, Percy Jackson, Divergent, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower etc. However, I do think that “teenage identity” would be very interesting as well, and would make for a very enjoyable class. From a student’s perspective, I would want to have a topic that I have opinions about and would be able to have a voice in class, because, personally, discussion is my favorite part about class. I think that these topics that everyone knows about, and most likely have an opinion about, would make for a very fun, interesting class, that I would really enjoy coming to. I also think another topic that’s similar to superhero vs. villain would be something like romance novels (made to movies) vs. whatever the opposite or counter argument would be. For example, Jane Austen vs. That could also lead into a type of feminism/changes in society through the age’s type of class. I think I would really enjoy talking about those (since Jane Austen is my all-time favorite author). I do like the contrasting subjects, but yes, as a student I would definitely be very jealous if the other class was studying the subject I like better. That really would change the whole experience of the class for me, because I would constantly be thinking, “I wish I was in the other class.” Plus, using the same theme for both sections would probably be easier on you as a professor, unless you don’t mind.

fandom mashup

I typed into Google “Fandom Mashup” and I found this combination of symbols from Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, The Maze Runner, Sherlock Holmes, and Doctor Who etc. I have seen the mockingjay in the deathly hallows symbol, but not the other fandoms in the holes, or the middle line turned into the trident.

As far as my plans for next semester, I plan on taking: Classical Mythology, Biological Impact and Issues, Principles of Microeconomics, Business Statistics, Early Modern Europe and Leadership for Sport Professionals. This will be my first 18 hour semester and first semester taking an 8:30 class. I am only a sophomore, but right now I am contemplating studying abroad. I really want to study abroad in the summer time, but I know it’s going to be a lot more expensive, because scholarships don’t apply and it’s harder to get financial aid. I really don’t want to miss things going on at Trinity during the school year, so summer would be ideal. My dream is to go to London, England; but I am willing to go anywhere in England, Ireland or Scotland (in that respective order). I’m not too thrilled about my classes next semester except my Leadership for Sport Professionals class. But I’m getting a lot of credits knocked out, which will be a big relief!


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