Looking Back to Pave the Way Forward

My favorite reading is “This is Emo”, from “Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs” by Chuck Klosterman.

During the final course period, I think it would be fun to go over the Trysted Tinnitus reading, “So where are the reptiles?”.  I thought that reading was very interesting, and that it was very well written.  My favorite reading of the semester was Chuck Klosterman’s “This is Emo.”  I liked this reading the most because I really like Klosterman’s writing style.  He is very funny in his writing, as well as very clear in what he is saying.  My least favorite reading of the semester would have to be the Jean Baudrillard reading, “Precession of simulacrae”.  I could not for the life of me understand what it was about, and he used big words that did not help the clarity of what he was saying.  I did find the bit about Disneyland and reality fairly interesting though.  It was interesting to consider Disneyland as a means to escape reality, instead of it just being an amusement park.

Next semester I am taking mostly classes that relate to my major, which is Business Administration, with a concentration in management.  I am considering adding a minor or double major in Communication.  Along with my classes at Trinity.  I am entering the Army ROTC program with our affiliate school for ROTC, St. Mary’s University.  Upon completion of the ROTC program and graduation from Trinity, I will become an officer in the Army.  Because of the ROTC courses, I do not think it is possible for me to study abroad.  I am not extremely interested in studying abroad however, so that kind of works out.

I think the topic of infiltration (as displayed in the assignment for this blog post) for COMM 2302 next semester would be an interesting one to work with.  After doing some research about the comic and the movie paired with this topic, I think it would be a very fun class to take.  Another topic that could be used is propaganda.  I know we read about propaganda a little bit in class this semester, but I think it would be interesting if the class theme was propaganda.  The students could study the uses of propaganda in media, using war movies, commercials, and video games as ways to disseminate the propaganda messages.  I think that having two different topics for the different sections of the class might work.  However, the students from a particular section could get jealous of the topic of the other class and want to switch into the other section of the class.

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