This Title is So… Postmodern

The syllabus says that “though our focus is primarily analytical, students who aspire to a career in the media industry can use this course to build their production skills.” For the final course period, I would like to discuss (even if just in a brief outline) what I can to further my production skills and to develop a career in the media industry. I would also be interested to learn what types possible careers there are in the media industry.

My favorite reading of the semester was “The awe-inspiring beauty of Tom Cruise’s Shattered, Troll-Like Face,” by Chuck Klosterman. I love the casual, easily understandable, funny yet insightful way this author writes, and I particularly enjoyed the Tom Cruise article because it discussed film. As a bit of a film buff myself, I like debating what makes a “good” film, and I agree with Klosterman that there are fewer important adult films in the twenty-first century.

My least favorite reading of the semester was Baudrillard. His long, run-on sentences, constant use of unusual words which require the average person a dictionary to understand, and the dry way in which he rambles about his topics made for an extremely boring reading. In my opinion, his writing is just pretentious. However, one of Baudrillard’s interesting points is that Disneyland exists “in order to make us believe that the rest [of the world] is real.” The thought the whole universe could be just a false simulation is fascinating to me, although I can’t say that I believe this notion. In a way, much of media serves the same purpose as Disneyland. For example, we create films which portray false worlds in order to convince ourselves that our own world is real.

Disneyland… AKA a false land within a false world

Next semester, I will be taking a few communication electives, as well as a biology course, choir, and history of theatre. After that, I will study abroad to London, England for the fall of my senior year (hopefully at a musical theatre conservatory called Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, if I get in). Then I will return to Trinity the following semester to take my final courses and graduate!

I think that media interpretation and criticism Spring 2014 should cover fantasy! This course could also include a subtopic of dystopian fantasies, as shown in The Hunger Games trilogy, Divergent, Never Let Me Go, and The Giver (which will come out as a film in 2014). This subtopic is not only extremely interesting, but also questions the values of the world in which we live. I do not think that students would be upset if the other section had a different theme; different sections do not have to have identical content.

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