‘Tis The End My Friends

Hej Allesammen! Den her post er desværre min sidste blog post!

Hi Everyone! This is my last post!

Freud For Beginners

Freud for Beginners

I enjoyed a myriad of topics that we discussed this semester, among my favorites were excerpts from Susan Blackmore’s book, The Meme Machine, Andrew Gordon’s article, “Star Wars: A myth of our time,” Thomas Sobchack article, “Genre film: A Classical Experience,” and Chuck Klosermann’s article, “This Is Emo.” However, my favorite reading of the semester were excerpts from Appiganesis, Zarate, and Engelhard’s book, Freud for Beginners. While I found the concept of simulations as a prevalent phenomena in media invigorating, I especially loved diving into Freudian psychology and investigating its presents in several forms of media, such as Alfred Hitchcock’s films. I had often heard Freud mentioned in casual conversations but I was always too shy to ask exactly who he was or what he did, I feel like the little I know today has helped so much in understanding and dissecting media. Further, it has even helped me socially! Freudian psychology is just such a wonderful dinner party topic! Out of all the themes we discussed in class Freudian psychology is the one topics I would like to investigate further, I feel as though we have only skimmed the surface and there is still so much more to learn and discuss.

My least favorite reading, without a doubt, was Richard Hofstadter’s article, “The Paranoid Style in American Politics. ” My roommate can attest to the fact, that I thoroughly disliked it, as I openly and repeatedly voiced my detest for its hard to follow structure. The reason why I disliked it so strongly was because I felt as though writing was attempting to be too sophisticated which made it extremely difficult to understand and hard to read through and through. Had the vocabulary been a little more vernacular and less pompous I probably would have enjoyed it. Nonetheless, I have re-read it and have found it easier to digest this time around, further, I did really enjoy the way in which the Hofstadter provided a great deal of quotations to reinforce his point that American politics have always been so paranoid about conspiracy theories. I did overall like his argument and it has been easy to apply his argument in critiquing America’s obsession with conspiracy theories. He is a good writer and he has a strong argument, at times, however, it gets lost in his arduous word choice.

I am sad to say that this course was my first and last Communication course at Trinity. I am an Accounting and Classics double major, and my next 3 semesters at Trinity are filled to the brim with Accounting and Classics courses. However, next semester is going to be very exciting, because I start the structured process of applying for an internship with one of the Big Four Accounting Firm’s: KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, and EY. For the past 10 years, the Big Four have heavily recruited interns from Trinity. What is so nice about this process, is that accounting majors interested in internships do not have to seek out internships, instead the Big Four come and look for us! They wine and dine us and hold several social events in hopes that we choose their firm over all the others. So hopefully, by the end of next semester, I will have secured an internship with the accounting firm of my choice for the spring semester of 2015. If I do get an internship, my last semester at Trinity will be set up in such a way that the first 8 weeks I will be working full-time, and my last 8 weeks will consist of two condensed classes that are required before I graduate which is referred to as “the minimester.” 99% of interns are offered a full time position by the end of their internship upon completion of an undergraduate program and a one-year masters program. Job security has always been extremely important to me, thus, I am so excited for next semester to get underway!

Do not fret my friends! I have no intentions of forgetting about my dream of becoming a film director. Indeed, the accounting is a strategic step in reaching my ultimate goal. My plan is to go work for one of the Big Four accounting firms for 3-5 years and then move out to California and become an accountant for films or the film industry. I will then start to show my films and scripts to producers and directors in hopes of being recognized as a competent director. This, at least, is my “grand” plan, I am sure that there will be some hurtles along the way, but I solace myself with the fact that I have the drive, a plan, and a goal.

To conclude, if I were to take this specific class again next semester, I would love to have the opportunity to discuss teenage identity. However, I think it would be very interesting to discuss the differences between teenage identity in an apocalyptic world vs. 1980’s teenage identity. What I mean by this, is that there are several current films, i.e. Warm Bodies (Johnathan Levine 2013), and shows, such as, The Walking Dead, that present teenage identity very differently from say Sixteen Candles (John Hughes 1984) or The Breakfast Club (John Hughes 1985). You could discuss the reasons as to why teenage identity was portrayed so differently in the 1980s from the way in which it is presented today. I would love to dissect the 1980s media and today’s media and deduce why the two present teenage identity to such polar opposite extents. It would also be interesting to note what themes remain constant between the two presentations of teenage identity. It might be interesting to have one class merely focus on the the 1980’s presentation of teenage identity, and the other section focus on today’s presentation of it. The only difficulty there is you would have to link the two classes so that they can compare and contrast the two time frames. This may take a lot of out of class collaboration which can be very difficult to arrange. Nonetheless, it would be interesting to pursue this idea, or at least, figure out why are we currently so interested in creating a teenage identity for a theoretical apocalyptic world.

I could go on forever on further ideas, comments, or just plain blabbering. But I think you have listened to enough blabbering for one semester on behalf of this fake Dane. Anyways, it was a great run and I had a wonderful time!

Vi ses igen!

See you!

Fake Dane over and out.

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