Reptiles, Rothschilds, and Hillary Clinton, oh my!

I didn’t know anything about the Rothschild conspiracy theories, but reading into “House of Rothschild: No One Can Understand What Has Happened to the Planet Without Reading This” by Andrew Hitchcock, I learned a little more. According to Hitchcock, the Rothschilds are in control of the world and have been for a long time. While this is debatable, a couple Google searches confirmed that the Rothschilds do in fact have strong Jewish ties. Hitchcock says this is because they are Khazars, or Ashkenazi Jews. They had a banking business, and are still present today, but on a much smaller scale.

However, when I looked up Andrew Hitchcock, I was directed to his website. Hitchcock calls himself not a reporter, writer, or journalist, but “truthseeker.” He thought the media wasn’t doing a good job of reporting news, so he took it upon himself to research it himself. The result of this has been his two books, “The Synagogue of Satan” and “In the Name of Yahweh.” His website has a page devoted to “The Jewish Genocide of the White Race” and numerous articles detailing the ways Jews are taking over the world. The whole website reeks of antisemitism, which definitely derails his credibility dealing with Rothschild conspiracies.

While Hitchcock’s writing is misguided, it connects to David Icke’s with the link of a group secretly ruling our world. On Icke’s website, he shares another opinion with Hitchcock in that they both think the mainstream media is doing a poor job informing the public about the news. One thing that’s notable is that Icke left school at age 15 to become a soccer player. In excepts from “Children of the Matrix” by Icke, there is a lot of information about reptiles who are underground ruling our world. They have bodysuits so they look like us, have bases all around the world they can travel to almost instantly, and can travel up and down our timeline at their convenience. Books like 1984 and Brave New World are supposedly ahead of their time and accurate later. The reason people imagine abductions certain ways is because everything is vibrating at certain frequencies, and when you’re being abducted and passing into another dimension, you’re vibrating at the same frequency as walls, which is why some people remember floating through walls of their houses. There are many conspiracy theorists out there that are so adamant about their position no matter what evidence is shown to them because of their “direct experience” with an abduction or an alien encounter. However, even in seemly normal instances like watching a car accident, people incorrectly see things and end up remembering something that didn’t actually happen. Psychology today has shown us that memory is very unreliable and not often an accurate representation of what happened.

Conspiracy theorists like David Icke believe that Hillary Clinton is part of a secret reptilian matrix.

Conspiracy theorists like David Icke believe that Hillary Clinton is part of a secret reptilian matrix.

One of the more interesting things I found Icke saying was that Hillary Clinton is one of those people accessing the fourth dimension. I did think it was interesting that Icke thinks there are reptilian politicians on both sides, you would think a theorist like him might only think that about someone whose views are opposite his own. But Icke is convinced, the Reptilians are around us everywhere, slowly taking over.

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