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If Lizard People Exist, Then I must be a Monkey’s Uncle

What an amazing class, everyday with something new and always something to question. My job as a student is to envelop everything I learn but also to critique it in such a way that I understand it to the best … Continue reading

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“Even if you think the mission is FUBAR sir?”

In my opinion, Saving Private Ryan (Steven Spielberg 1998) is the single greatest war movie ever made. I have seen it hundreds of times and no matter what I am completely immersed in the symbolic details that I no longer … Continue reading

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Trailers aren’t Like a Box of Chocolate… You Pretty Much Know What You’re Gonna Get

For this assignment I watched four comedy trailers and four action/ thriller trailers, along with three recuts, and I noticed peculiar nuances amongst these trailers. Whether it is the music, length, narration, sound effects, typography or dialogue, all of them … Continue reading

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Black Gold and Worldwide Corruption

Syriana,¬†written and directed by Stephen Gaghan, centers around the connection between energy giants, Middle Eastern oil conglomerates, radicalized Middle Easter immigrants, and the political effects that lead to worldwide corruption. Corruption is simply the way that America “wins” against the … Continue reading

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When History Won’t Reveal Itself

The information has ebbed and flowed over the past 50 years, but the truth is still hidden. The truth is all that it takes to set this theory straight. The truth may shock you. The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy … Continue reading

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A Soldier, a Baseball Team, and a Rich Guy in a Tight Suit

The magic of cinema has been brought to us, the viewer, time and time again. It is the sole reason we continue to go to the theatre. It is why we pay $8 for a ticket, $4 for popcorn, and … Continue reading

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“It Gets Through Buckner! Here Comes Knight and the Mets Win it!”

You may be asking yourself “What the HELL does that title mean?!” I am a HUGE baseball fan and sadly a Mets fan, but more on that later. Hello! My name is Jeremy Wolf. I am a sophomore COMM major … Continue reading

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